I am from punjab. Aap ghar bethe asani sei apni aur apne pariwar ki aamdani badha sakte hei. agar aap logo ko meri tale pasand aaye to thrill mujhe comment karna. Hamare ghar ke bahir kuch cats aur cats ke chote bacche hain mujhe pata karna hai ke kya yeh such hai ke jis ke ghar ke bahir billi ya billi ka baccha rota hai us ke haan koi marta hai to aap please meri help akrain hamari eik majboori hai hum unhain hata bhi nahin sakte please help akrain, Shukria. Koi bhi aadmi ghar baithe cyber web se paise kama sakta hai. Aap Apne Ghar Me Rah kar Hi Gem Se Jud Kar Sarkar Ke Sath Jud Kar Business Sharu Kar Sakte Ho. Stewart was found out responsible in March 2004 of a few fees. Conspiracy, obstruction of an company continuing and two counts of creating fake statements to federal investigators were of those charges and in July of that year, both her and Bacanovic were sentenced to serve five months in a federal correction facility, five months of home confinement and electronic tracking and two years of supervised unlock. Stewart also needed to pay a fine of 30,000 dollars at the same time as Bacanovic had to pay 4,000 dollars. Waksal was charged with securities fraud, bank fraud, obstruction of justice, and perjury. In October, 2005 Stewart was not given be aware that as a result of her criminal checklist, she was not eligible for entrance to Canada below case study solution Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. In August, 2006, a agreement was reached in case look at answer civil case against Stewart.